Store Policy


These are the terms for which a dog can be accepted to Paw Parlour:

1.The dog is fit and healthy. (Grooming of sick or elderly dogs is entirely at the owner’s risk. Grooming may expose underlying skin or health problems that we cannot be held liable.)

2.The dog is vaccinated and up to date. An unvaccinated dog puts itself and others at risk.

3.We require all dogs to be free of fleas. If fleas are found on your pet, there will be an additional cost of $15-$25 to cover flea shampoo, extra time, clean-up of the salon to ensure our salon stays safe for all pets.

4.If your pet is showing signs of extreme stress, we will not continue working or may skip stressful procedures eg nail trim.

5.Should an injury occur from the dog being matted, elderly, aggressive, a difficult temperament, or from a pre-existing condition, the veterinary bill will be the sole responsibility of the owner.

6.We will not demat dogs that are matted or have pelted coats. These pets will automatically be clipped short.

7.Payment will be made on collection of dog. Estimates are made on an average of dog breed or type, but owner’s must be aware that some dogs may require extensive extra work and this will be charged extra. Uncollected dogs will be charged a sitting fee.

8.All unneutered male dogs, dog aggressive dogs, very shy/nervous dogs will be crated.

9.We request 48 hours’ notice for cancellations or changes to your appointment. Fees may apply if less than 48 hours’ notice is given.

10.As the customer I agree to my dogs photograph being taken and it being used on the Paw Parlour website/social media and for any marketing purposes. 

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Matted Dogs will be charged extra because of the following:

Matted coats can cause a variety of skin & health problems. Matted fur does not allow for air circulation to the skin, causing hot spots, bacterial and fungal infections. Fleas, ticks, maggots and other parasites may be lurking in the coat causing further skin infections. Matted fur also pulls and binds, causing pain to your pet when they move or lay on mats. The skin underneath is usually raw and inflamed. Matted coats will not dry properly and can lead to rotting fur and skin.

Trying to brush out severe matting will cause your dog unnecessary pain and stress. When the coat is severely matted the only thing to do is to shave it and let it re-grow. How close to the skin the matt is and how tightly it is matted will determine how short the hair will have to be cut. The clipper blade needs to get under the matt to remove it properly.

While we are extremely careful and skilled when grooming pets with excessively matted coats, there is a risk of nicks, cuts, or abrasions due to warts, moles, or skin folds trapped in the mats. Removal of the matting may also reveal skin irritations caused by moisture trapped near the pet’s skin allowing bacterial growth. The after effects of mat removal procedures can include itchiness, skin redness, self inflicted irritations or abrasions.

As the owner, you are responsible for the condition of your pet’s coat and may not hold us responsible in the event of nicks or cuts which can sometimes occur during mat removal. Please have your pet regularly groomed by us to avoid severe matting in the first place.

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